Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Refugees and Immigrants

Today is World Refugee Day. Refugees International sponsored a phoneathon to call the White House to recognize and act on behalf of the two million Iraqi war refugees. Yet the call in day was yesterday, not today?! It's early in the day, but so far, only Minnesota Public Radio showed up with any recognition in a Google news search.

So how did the "Dreams Across America" tour make out? I saw no additional coverage, just searched and found this video on The Washington Post web site that shows a rally that looks like others but smaller with no focus on the different message or experience of the Dreamers. A Google news search found small stories as the tour had hit different cities, and an online piece in the Richmond Times-Dispatch did a nice job of explaining the group's purpose. That's it. It's a great idea, but how to get more play out of it?

(Image above by Musigny.)

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