Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Address by The 14th Dalai Lama

Molly and I went to the West Lawn of The U.S. Capital Building to listen to the address by Dalai Lama today. It was a ceremony of his receipt of the Congressional Gold Medal.

The weather was so beautiful today and the white color of the building was shining against the blue sky.

First we listened to a congratulatory address by Richard Gere and Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, following some traditional Tibetan music.

Dalai Lama finally showed up more than one hour behind of the schedule, being screed by an umbrella colored in red and white, gathered by VIPs in black suits and under close guard.

The notable first word from His Holiness The Dalai Lama was...

"Wait a second."

And he wore a sun visor which was the same color as his religious costume!
The way he talks reminded me of my kind grandpa.
He was such a humorous and warmhearted person, I felt.

The main things he was addressing were the appreciation for the presentation of the medal and the message that if the Tibetan problem could be solved in non-violent way, which is the only effective solution based on the historical experience, it would mean a lot not only to the Tibetan but to the people around the world trying to gain right and free as a hope and as a good example.

The word which I keep in mind is that non-violent principles are attainable in our own lives.

"My article will appear on the Washington Post this weekend. So please check it!"
This was the conclusion of his address.

Sat dawn on earthy smelling loan where birds and squirrel were playing around, listening to the warmhearted grandpa.
It was really peaceful space there.

To Molly
Please back me up! hahah


Molly LeBlanc-Medeiros said...

I must admit, I'm more in sympathy with Fumi than with James.
Fumi and I arrived at around 2:30, so we were terrified that we had missed the Dalai Lama and incredibly relieved when we discovered we had not. I must echo Fumi's feelings of warmth, respect, and awe of this holy man. Perhaps video could not convey the emotion his speech brought to the audience. I, for one, felt inspired and uplifted. I was also gratified to hear endorsement of nonviolent work for justice affirmed by our government leaders.

At the same time, I must agree that the event was poorly coordinated. Poor sound quality and visibility detracted from the experience of those (like Fumi and me) who stood or sat behind the fence barriers. The big screen, obviously intended to facilitate visibility, was behind a tree! Poor sound work on the monks' percussion and horn music detracted from the solemnity and grandeur of the Dalai Lama's procession. Why couldn't the Dalai Lama have given his speech atop the steps, instead of on the ground directly behind a platform raised for the press? And I, too, think that timing and scheduling were not handled well.

Despite these drawbacks, the Dalai Lama's appearance is one that touched me deeply, which should say something about the power of a life dedicated to nonviolence, spirituality, and justice.

peter kimbis said...
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