Saturday, November 3, 2007

Take Back the Night week!

Take Back The Night Week: November 5-9, 2007
Women and Men United in the Fight against Gendered Violence

For more information, please e-mail us at and/or visit our Facebook group page at, where you will also find links to all of the TBTN Week events on the column on the right-hand side of the group page.

Monday, Nov. 5th
Open Mic Night
8-10pm, Uncommon Grounds
Come enjoy a wonderful night of spoken word pieces, poetry, songs, and more, including a performance by Harmony! Bring your own amazing lyrics, spoken word, poems, testimonies, stories, etc... to share! Performers receive free drinks. And be sure to try out TBTN's Drink of the Month at UG. And add a Shot of Charity to your drink to help out House of Ruth.

Tuesday November 6th
How to Be An Ally to a Survivor
8-9pm, Village A Community Room
1 in 4 women will experience rape or sexual assault during their college careers. 1 in 8 males will experience rape or sexual assault during their lifetimes. Will you be ready if it happens to someone you know? Learn how to be a prepared and supportive friend by listening to a panel of experts (including GU’s Sexual Assault & Health Issues Coordinator Jen Schweer, GU’s Assistant Director of Residence Life Christy Anthony, Joe Vess from Men Can Stop Rape, and a representative from the DC Rape Crisis Center) and engaging in meaningful discussion. Mouth-watering cupcakes from *CakeLove* and drinks will be provided, so bring a friend and your appetite!

Wednesday, November 7th
Gender Motivated Violence and Perspectives
Co-Sponsored by GU Pride & LEAD
7-8pm, McShain Small
An expert panel will be addressing the important issue as related to local campus events, nationally, and globally. Don’t miss being a part of this very important discussion. Snacks and refreshments will be served.

Thursday, November 8th
“Tough Guise” Documentary & Dinner
Co-Sponsored by GUMARR
6:30-8:30pm, Village C Alumni Lounge
Thursday nights were practically made for eating take-out and watching a movie. TBTN, in a most appropriate (and kind of adorable) conjunction with GUMARR (GU Men Advocating Relationship Responsibility), is hosting (A FREE!) dinner and a movie. Bangkok Bistro will be catering! Jackson Katz's "Tough Guise" is a documentary which examines the media's role in encouraging violence as an expression of masculinity. I would venture to say that "Tough Guise" is about how and why guys are taught to be tough. This "real men are tough" idea has a profound impact when it comes to gender-motivated violence and sexual assault. A discussion will follow the film.

Friday, November 9th
Vigil and Rally
Co-Sponsored by GU Pride
6-7pm, White Gravenor Esplanade
Listen to survivor’s stories, rally against gendered violence in our community, and join us in a candlelight vigil to conclude TBTN Week. Speakers include students, faculty, and administrators, and the night includes a performance by GraceNotes.

This week is a wonderful opportunity to make your voice heard and show your support in the fight against violence. I encourage all of you to come check out the great events we have planned!


GabbiR. said...

Take Back the Night has certainly made itself known on campus, and has given a voice to the ever continuous struggle of stopping violence against women. More needs to be done to raise awareness and to take action. The Blue Lights on campus, for example, are somewhat arbitrarily placed and did not work for the better part of last year.

Also, this Friday, November 16th, I will be teaching a self-defense seminar through Take Back the Night and GU Women of Color. It will be in Yates Gym at 10:30. I encourage everyone to come! It'll be fun and informative!

Johanna said...

I attended the vigil on Friday for Take Back the Night. Too bad the weather didn't hold out because there would have definitely been more people attending if the event had been outside. The opening performance by GraceNotes, the all-female A Cappella group on campus, effectively drew the attention of anyone walking in the Leavy Center where the event ended up being held. Listening to the two students' personal experiences with violence and their reactions to the horrible crimes committed against them was a true showing of the power of human resilience. The courage both of these young women displayed was absolutely amazing!!