Friday, December 5, 2008

Final Closure

Take Aways from the Class
  • There are real and accessible ways to contribute to NV change, and there is a history of success to support you in making the world a better place
  • Power of combining and managing the power of pragmatism and principle in creating a NV campaign
  • I need to remember to be contemplative AND active
  • It's important to be idealistic, but also use strategic thinking
  • Civilization has achieved so much by 2008 hat was thought impossible - it's exciting to think about what can be achieved in the future
  • I now truly believe that there may be technology, but the age of violence and war has passed and it's time for us to take responsibility to be nonviolent
  • Peace and NV have a legitimate place in the world, and are only as limited as we choose htem to be
  • Live according to what you believe in, match your ideals with your deeds and you will be at peace
  • NV campaign - and all the organization and thoughyt that hads to go into it to be successful
  • I can now see my own potential to contribute to NV

Thoughts for Each Other
  • perspectives and creativity are enlightening and encouraging - sometimes its lonely - it's comforting to think that there are people who care as much as you do
  • Enjoyed diverse perspectives, and I hope everyone continues their interests in peace studies
  • I enjoyed hearing everything - the one thing - eacjh one was passiomnate about
  • I can't wait to see hoew everyone changes the world
  • Thank you for sharing unique ideas and perspectives each week
  • Thank you for your originality and belief in peace
  • Excited to see what our future will hold
  • When faced with agony, be NV towards yourself. You will overcome your fear. Be creative with the problems you are faced
  • I enjoyed intellectual conversaytion and debates and hope we can continue outside of class
  • Eye opening to be in the sa,me room with people devoted to NV

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