Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anti-Abortion Activists: Shifting from Bans to Reductions

Any successful nonviolent campaign needs to be able to adjust to its successes, set-backs, and changes in the environment. Here's a Washington Post story on how collaborative efforts could actually advance their cause further than being in opposition. By advocating for improved pre-natal and new mother services, women may be encouraged to bring their pregnancies to term, rather than choosing abortion.

Photos by internets_dairy.

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Katherine Scholle said...

I think it's really encouraging that the anti abortion activists have started to employ a different approach and change their strategy. Abortion has always been such a contentious issue that people on both sides feel so strongly about. It's so nice to see people on both sides working together towards something positive and constructive. I also think that in this way the anti abortion activists could be doing something very good for their image. When the term 'pro life' comes up, for some the image of protests and people chaining themselves outside abortion clinics comes to mind. Many pro lifers don't necessarily have the best reputation, and are seen as aggressive, confrontational and intimidating. Whatever you believe about abortion, the truth is that the majority of pro lifers are just trying to advocate for what they believe is right. Maybe now their group as a whole can cultivate an image of a passionate but also compassionate group of people working to make positive change in the world through a variety of means.