Thursday, November 20, 2008

GU Pride Counter-Protests the Westboro Baptist Church

I just found the article online that The Hoya posted on the Counter Protest I partook in last week that I was telling you guys about. See the link below.

Forty of us stood for two hours in the freezing cold to counter protest the hatred spewed by the Westboro Baptist Church. Some of our signs read 'God loves America', 'God Bless Our Troops' and 'Hate is not a Christian value', and my favourite- 'I love you- God'. It was great being a part of such positivity amongst such open hatred. They were noticed for their shock value, but we were much better received by motorists and passers by. I think our prescense detracted from their message, which was our main aim. It reminded me that even a small group of college kids can make a difference, however small, in the greater cause of promoting peace and tolerance, and thus non violence.

I'm second from the right making a peace sign :)

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Katie said...

I think this protest was incredibly successful, Katherine!

The peaceful patriotic and faith-based messages ensured that you would be well-received by spectators of varying ages and political affiliations. And by sticking to your message of promoting love over hate, I believe you highlighted the inherent hate of the Westboro protest effectively.