Thursday, September 18, 2008

GU Young Voters Forum

Simply put, the GU 2008 Young Voters Forum was an interesting display of democracy and an excellent example of nonviolent action.  The Georgetown Young Republicans and Democrats sat on opposite sides of the room (on the right and left, respectively).  Republican Congressman Wilson from New Mexico, who represented John McCain's point of view, spoke with eloquence and honesty.  She expressed the importance of bipartisan action and strong leadership.  Democratic Congressman Davis from Alabama represented Barack Obama with strength and fervor.  He emphasized system change and progressive thinking.  It was a spirited debate and fittingly demonstrated the diverging views in the upcoming election.
Further, it showed the relatively peaceful nature of our election system.  While the two representatives had the obvious ideological clashes, they both maintained a respectful debate.  And significantly, they came in the spirit of bipartisanship.  Wilson remarked that Davis was one of her closes friends in Congress.  Lauren, a Georgetown sophomore and close friend of mine summarized it correctly when she said, "The point that we have this kind of discussion in this country is what makes us inherently nonviolent- we don't need to use violence as an outlet".

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