Monday, September 22, 2008

Lone Alaska Protester with Powerful Presence

Here's a great idea. You're one person, you really want people to know that not everyone in Alaska loves the governor, but what's a way to get the message out? Here's the story of one man maximizing his exposure: holding his sign down at the cruise ship dock. He summarizes:
All in all, I'd say about 70% of the folks who saw me were in favor of my little protest (out of probably 200-250 people). My picture was taken about 50 times, and I was featured in a couple videos. I was passed by the local police once and cruised by U.S. Customs once (both probably unrelated). My ass was threatened with a "kicking". My back was patted and my hand was shaken. I was even given a thumbs-down by a 70-year old woman who looked at me, pursed her lips and gave me "the raspberry". I was called a liar, and also called "my hero". So here I am at home pouring over the news and thinking... I should go out there again.
There'd been an earlier rally of 1500, protesting in front of a local library in downtown Anchorage. What do you think of this complementary action?

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