Friday, September 5, 2008

One thing from today . . .

  • Once we let go of our fears, we become more powerful than weapons
  • Ordinary civilians have the power to stop violence
  • Image of Chilean protesters - I hope I'll feel as passionately as they did about their cause
  • Incredible amounts of emotion that ebb and flow and overwhelminly unite people in struggles of nonviolence
  • From the film, funerals are where violence is born
  • How can we make powerlessness a weapon?
  • Give our own lives rather than taking lives is the greatest strength of nonviolence
  • It requires a lot of perseverance to achieve one's goals through nonviolence
  • Nonviolence has to be about more than just regime change to jhave a lasting effect on peoples' lives
  • People become violent to be heard in a world where they feel dispised

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