Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ads on X-Box?

Would you think of putting up ads in X-Box games to promote your cause? Would it reach your demographic? Barack Obama thought it was a good idea. Check out Ben Smith's blog entry in Politico on the subject and for more images.

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Katherine Scholle said...

Obama really did think of everything to get out the vote! It was this very outreach to the youth in particular that proved to be crucial in securing his win this month. This election was groundbreaking and unique in the strategy employed by Obama's campaign in particular to encourage people to vote. Obama here is tapping into the world of the youth, and I think the effort was appreciated. Here is a politician who seeks to understand youth and popular culture- he is accessible and someone that young people can relate to. I think ads like these made people believe it.

But then, I couldn't help but wonder, what would I think if McCain had tried this approach? Truth be told, I'd probably ridicule him for trying to be 'down with the kids', and I'm pretty sure many others would join me and laugh at his efforts. But I think that such a reaction would probably stem from the fact that McCain is 72 years old, and could never profess to relate to the youth as well as Obama does- a guy who plays basketball, listens to popular music, and truly understands youth culture. This got me thinking- did McCain ever have a chance of winning over the youth as Obama did from the start? And how much was this a big problem for him in the election?

I think increasingly, young people across America are going to represent an extremely important section of the voting population. They're going to be a group of people that politicians are going to need to start courting. A lesson or two could be learned from Obama going forward in this endeavour.