Friday, October 10, 2008

Reflections 10/10/08

  • The diversity of activists was essential to the succes of the Civil Rights movement
  • From Rev. Green - everyone has an ego, but the important thing is to move past them to make progress
  • Key to successful campaign: focus on message
  • It takes more energy to hate than to be hated
  • Bayard Rustin is the man!
  • Remarkable to me that Rev Green is a man so full of optimism and positivity
  • Great leaders of our time shouldn't be the only one's respected
  • I'm overwhelmed by how far we've come since the Civil Rights movement, but have so far to go, even in the nation's capital
  • Be your own voice and you will rally people
  • How can we channel our emotional energy into something constructive?
  • I wonder what the world would be like today if we hadn't lost so many brilliant people
  • Rev. Green's tremendous respect for his parents and others aroumnd him in spite of differences

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