Friday, October 17, 2008

Reflections from 10/17

  • Change from the top down but without community support, results could be short-lived
  • Sustainability is one of he greatest challenges in a nonviolent campaign
  • Importance of personal touches in nonviolent campaigns/fund-raising, like the Soulforce postcard thank you
  • I was impressed by the police officer in the Soulforce video, and how his civility helped their campaign
  • Political ads don't have to be divisive to be effective; they can be moving
  • Sometimes ignoring the jabs of your opponent is the most effective way to mute the impact of the opponents violent weapons
  • Nonviolent campaigns are currently being overshadowed by the presidential election, and others are loosing funding because of the economic situation
  • 12 principles can be achieved by different political systems
  • The approach of Equality Riders took by turning the other cheek was very powerful
  • Do not improvide, but prepare and adapt

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